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Regular Questions and Answers:

 How long do our investigations last?

Our investigations last anywhere from two weeks to a month depending on how complex the case it. We can estimate however we pride ourselves on providing our clients with the most accurate and trougher investigations to build a strong case file. We Advise all our clients to allow us 40 hours per week to work on the case. The client has the right to cap the amount of hours and time we spend on a case. However we advise our clients that if they put a cap on how long we spend on a case they might not get the results they want.

How much do our services cost?

On every case we take a minimum upfront payment of 10 hours. This is for us to conduct research and planning as well as risk assessments. This is necessary before we start any case so we know exactly how to conduct an operation. Our Prices range from £30-£50 per hour, £5 per photograph and £10 per video used in the planning and risk assessments as well as evidence for the case. We charge 50p to £1 per mile outside a 10 mile radius depending on the case. We do not offer refunds on any of our services however clients have the right to challenge any charges incurred for photographic or video charges. If this happens the case manager will review all Photographs and videos being used in the case to determine if they are necessary for your case, We will also review the charges for mileage to insure they are within our company policy. We care about all our clients and want to provide a stress free experience to help our clients get the results they need.

When will I receive the invoice and how long do I have to make a payment?

After you have paid the mandatory upfront payment of 10 hours, You will receive case updates as well as your Invoice at the end of every week normally on a Friday. We allow up to two weeks for our weekly invoices to be paid. However we understand that sometimes circumstances change and other payments have to be made. If this is the case we ask that you inform us at the earlies opportunity so we can extend the payment period for you. Here at MP Investigations Limited we want to help our clients and provide a stress free experience.

What if my case has no active leads or lack of evidence?

As you can probably understand sometimes leads go cold and there may be a shortage of evidence. If this is the case we will continue our investigation for three weeks. If there is still a lack of evidence or no new leads, depending on the case we might decide to declare the case a “Cold Case” If this happens we will inform the client of this. We will then advise that we leave the case for a minimum of three weeks. After this period we will re-open the case and investigate for a further week. Normally new evidence will come to light. However in the rare case it doesn’t we will inform the client and depending on what the Client wants we can either, carry on investigating for another three weeks or hand all the evidence we have so far to the client so they can decide what the next best course of action to take. 

Will I still be charged if my case is declared a cold case?

No, you will not incur any new charges if your case is declared a cold case. All activity on the case is frozen including the charges. However the case will still have it’s weekly review by the case manager. If the case manager finds a potential breakthrough in the case, the client will be informed and the case will be continued. A client has the right to declare a cold case or close a case at any time.  

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